We round up what to pack and wear on your next fishing trip as we know that sometimes it’s not only having the right gear for the expedition, but looking the part too. Follow us below for the latest and greatest fishing accessories.

How Long Does Fishing Line Last? – Avoid the Snap Factor

No Lost Fish You've hooked that monster fish. The one you'll take pictures of, and put on your profile wall. You know it's big because it won't budge, and it's brought you three times around the boat. The lunker is finally starting to come up, but finds the strength for one more run. You hold…
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The Best Bait for Crappie

Whether you’re an avid crappie fisher or going on a weekend trip, we all know that the bait can make or break a day on the water. Crappies are schooling fish who like to hang out around submerged trees and weeds about 3-6 feet underwater. Lucky for us, they eat anything from bugs to worms…
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Fish Like a Terminator in the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Standing on a sandy beach, or on rocks alongside a gently bubbling stream, even on the slowly shifting deck of a boat miles out to sea; one thing in common with all of these scenario's so soul satisfying to you and I, is glare. The sunlight reflecting off water can be mesmerizing, but the effect…
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In Search of the Perfect Fishing Chair

Chances are, when you first went fishing, you were only a kid. You probably sat on the floor, or on an old stool or deckchair. And you probably didn’t care. However, as we get older, we need to find something more comfortable to sit upon whilst on extended fishing trips. And this begins a quest…
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