We round up what to pack and wear on your next fishing trip as we know that sometimes it’s not only having the right gear for the expedition, but looking the part too. Follow us below for the latest and greatest fishing accessories.

Choosing a Fishing Rod Case

It is surprising how many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on fishing tackle, and then not look after it properly. How many fishermen have you seen lugging naked rods to and from the bank/boat without any form of protection at all? A fishing rod is very powerful when playing a fish, but…
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Fly Fishing Hats: How to Choose One

If you have ever seen any old English TV fishing programs from 30 or more years ago, you would have seen fly fishermen dressed in full country style clothing, usually with a deerstalker hat, covered in fly lures. And whilst this is still a charming image of these old fly fishermen, we have come a…
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Canoe Fishing Accessories

Once you have bought yourself a canoe for fishing, you are going to need some extra things before you take it out. So let’s have a look at some canoe fishing accessories that in some cases, can be considered must have pieces of gear for canoe fishermen. Safety Accessories for Canoe Fishing This is the…
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