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Fish Like a Terminator in the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Standing on a sandy beach, or on rocks alongside a gently bubbling stream, even on the slowly shifting deck of a boat miles out to sea; one thing in common with all of these scenario's so soul satisfying to you and I, is glare. The sunlight reflecting off water can be mesmerizing, but the effect…
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Insider Secrets to Finding the Perfect Surf Fishing Rigs

Fishing in the surf, either dry, from the beach; or waist deep in waders, before the surf line (to give you a little longer reach), is one of the most satisfying sunrise to sunset fishing sessions for me. The smell of the ocean, the light on the water, the surge on line and rod tip;…
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Our Round Up of the Best Bait for Bass

Everyone has those days when they wish they had the secret cheat sheet of the best bait for bass fishing. Well I am going to tell you about some of the lures and techniques that I use that will help you to find that one fishing secret you won’t want to tell your friends about.…
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The Ultimate Crappie Fishing Guide

Welcome to my ultimate guide to crappie fishing! After many years on the bank and on the water, I have finally found the time to put this guide together. Crappie fishing can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing types of fishing an angler can undertake. I’m sure you’re here to share in a…
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