Here at Fishermen’s Angle we aim to make every fishing trip a memorable one. Whether it be a small tip or a whole new approach to a monstrous fishing challenge, we are here to help. Start below and see what gems of fishing knowledge you can uncover.

Choosing a Fishing Rod Case

It is surprising how many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on fishing tackle, and then not look after it properly. How many fishermen have you seen lugging naked rods to and from the bank/boat without any form of protection at all? A fishing rod is very powerful when playing a fish, but…
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A Guide to Electric Fishing Reels

Ask an average fisherman about electric fishing reels, and you are likely to be met with either a blank stare, or a laugh. This is because fishing as a sport, has not changed very much over the years. We still use the same kinds of equipment, and the same basic fishing methods. So to most…
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Fly Fishing Hats: How to Choose One

If you have ever seen any old English TV fishing programs from 30 or more years ago, you would have seen fly fishermen dressed in full country style clothing, usually with a deerstalker hat, covered in fly lures. And whilst this is still a charming image of these old fly fishermen, we have come a…
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Is It Worth Buying Wholesale Fishing Tackle?

We all like to save money where we can. After all, fishing can be a very expensive hobby. The price of consumables alone such as hooks, line and even bait can be quite high. And if you are a lure fisherman, with a habit of snagging and losing lures, it gets more expensive still! So…
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