Here at Fishermen’s Angle we aim to make every fishing trip a memorable one. Whether it be a small tip or a whole new approach to a monstrous fishing challenge, we are here to help. Start below and see what gems of fishing knowledge you can uncover.

Best Bait for Rockfish – Look to Structure for Success

The Best Bait for Rockfish – What you Want to Drop Down A sport fishing boat runs a few circles over a mostly sandy bottom. The Captain knows a structure of rock is nearby, and takes a couple minutes to pin point it on his sonar. When he sees it, he pulls up past it…
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Best Bait for Lake Trout – Goliaths Lurking in The Depths

What is The Best Bait for Lake Trout? – Conquering Giants Deep near the bottom of a Canadian lake lies a 46lb Lake Trout. He didn't get that big by being impulsive when it comes to food. He's likely been hooked at least once before in his life, and he didn't like it. There are…
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Best Bait for Largemouth Bass – Bassing up the Competition

The Ever Changing Best Bait for Largemouth Bass More fishermen lose Largemouth Bass than any other kind of fish hooked. Now I see the shuffling about, and the hands starting to come up in question or protest, but bear with me for one more moment. You see, Largemouth Bass are the most plentiful and most…
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How to Catch Bream – Sunfish and Bluegill Holding Line One

Finding Sunfish and Learning How to Catch Bream Bream are a relatively small sized species of fish that live in almost every body of fresh water. Bream are often thought of as a child's pastime, fishing a tiny pond with a flexible stick. It's true that as kids, many of us have a fond memory…
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