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The Ultimate Crappie Fishing Guide

Welcome to my ultimate guide to crappie fishing! After many years on the bank and on the water, I have finally found the time to put this guide together. Crappie fishing can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing types of fishing an angler can undertake. I’m sure you’re here to share in a…
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The Best Fishing Kayak

So you are ready to join the ranks of fisherman who have discovered the total freedom that kayak fishing can offer them? Freedom to get to where the fish are without the headache of a full sized boat. Freedom to get out on the water, without the effort of lugging a full boat trailer behind…
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In Search of the Perfect Fishing Chair

Chances are, when you first went fishing, you were only a kid. You probably sat on the floor, or on an old stool or deckchair. And you probably didn’t care. However, as we get older, we need to find something more comfortable to sit upon whilst on extended fishing trips. And this begins a quest…
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