Not an easy choice sometimes, which lure to take and which to leave behind, what line suits the fish you are going to catch, monofilament or braid? Let’s investigate how to pack the ultimate fishing tackle box.

How to Catch Carp – Stealth Casting with Sweet Corn Ned

Ned started fishing at a young age, as many boys from Pittsburgh tend to do. Now you couldn't say that Ned loved fishing anymore than other kids. No, not at all. The only things that really set Ned apart were his large frame, and his uncanny ability to catch Carp. As he grew, Ned's size…
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Insider Secrets to Finding the Perfect Surf Fishing Rigs

Fishing in the surf, either dry, from the beach; or waist deep in waders, before the surf line (to give you a little longer reach), is one of the most satisfying sunrise to sunset fishing sessions for me. The smell of the ocean, the light on the water, the surge on line and rod tip;…
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Is It Worth Buying Wholesale Fishing Tackle?

We all like to save money where we can. After all, fishing can be a very expensive hobby. The price of consumables alone such as hooks, line and even bait can be quite high. And if you are a lure fisherman, with a habit of snagging and losing lures, it gets more expensive still! So…
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