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How Long do Hand Warmers Last? – Enduring the Hard Elements

The Importance of Extremities – How Long do Hand Warmers Last? About three years back, I was on an ocean trip targeting yellowtail. It was April, and while never really cold, the mornings can get a bit brisk. Our first stop on fish was just after sunrise. The cool ocean water had chilled a slight…
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The Best Bait for Surf Fishing – You’ve Got to Dig that Sand

Digging Up the Best Bait for Surf Fishing There's a spot along the sandy beaches of Southern California near where I grew up. Right on the border of Carlsbad and Oceanside lies this treasured stretch of shore line. Not being a huge surf spot, you will see some carrying boards. Mostly you'll see beach goers…
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How to Make Fake Bread – Bake it! Fake it! Cook it! Hook it!

Imitation Carp Bait – How to Make Fake Bread “It seems kind of funny and all, fake bread...”, thinks Jimmy as his thoughts wander off. His feet unconsciously follow a well known path through the shrubbery, leading to a rather large pond on the outskirts of Jimmy's property. Jimmy had never in fact fished this…
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