Don’t be stuck with old information or stale locations, impress your friends with your amazing depth of fishing knowledge and know-how on the next trip. We have all the tips for everything fishing to get you and the group on your way.

Best Bait for Salmon – Roe Roe Roe your Boat to Stream

Knowing When to Use Bait Salmon! That red tasty fish that is well known for being omega rich, and heart healthy. Found on nearly every restaurant menu that offers fish, salmon leads the world in popularity among culinary artists. Salmon fishing is as popular a sport as it is a delicatessen. In its most basic…
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Pier Fishing Tips – A Walk Part Way into the Ocean

Get in the Zone It's a sunny day in southern California. There's a slight breeze, and it feels good to be outside. The call of the beach and water is strong. You need a plan. Fishing strikes you as one possibility, but you're just not sure where to go. Maybe you have the kids? Perhaps…
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The Best Bait for Crappie

Whether you’re an avid crappie fisher or going on a weekend trip, we all know that the bait can make or break a day on the water. Crappies are schooling fish who like to hang out around submerged trees and weeds about 3-6 feet underwater. Lucky for us, they eat anything from bugs to worms…
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How to Catch Trout in a Lake: A Beginner’s Guide

Trout fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing, especially in North America. Trout lakes are very popular fishing destinations, and thus they are often supported by stocking programs. They prefer large, deep lakes with cold water, but chances are that if you’re reading this guide then you’ve already got a destination in…
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