Best Braided Fishing Line for Spinning Reels in 2023

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If you’re thinking of using braided fishing line for your next fishing trip, you’re in the right place. Braided fishing line for spinning reels has several advantages that depend on what kind of fishing you’re doing, which I will share below.

And being prepared with the right tackle for your next fishing trip is as important as making sure to bring the sandwiches. Going hungry when out on the water is just as bad as not having the right tackle. You want to have the right tool for the job when out angling for your next lunker. With all that said, let’s look at the best braided fishing lines for spinning reels.

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Best Value Braided Fishing Line

KastKing SuperPower is an all-around top pick braided fishing line for your spinning reel. It checks all the important boxes that I look at when choosing a line and is our value pick for the best braided fishing line.

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The KastKing SuperPower braided line has been used by countless anglers to spool up their spinning reel. I like to think of this line as my secret weapon in the arsenal of my tackle box.

This line offers a clear advantage in its zero stretch and supersensitivity, which translates to you setting more hooks and landing more catches.

It also holds its own with its strong double-knit fabric braid, made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene – the same stuff bullet-proof vests are made with. So you can fish with confidence, knowing this line won’t break when you snag a rock. An added bonus, its low line memory will help you avoid those annoying wind knots.

What We Like
Value - Pound for pound, foot by foot, it’s hard to beat the price and the value you get with KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line. No corners were cut in the material or design of this line. 
Low Visibility - If line visibility is a concern, you don’t need to worry about scaring away any fish. This line does come in a low visibility gray option.
Options - The KastKing SuperPower line comes in a variety of test strengths ranging from 6 lb test for your average bass fishing needs, all the way up to 150 lb test for serious salt-water action. For spinning reels, you’ll want to focus on 6 lb to 12 lb test. 
Know Before Buying
- Be sure to double-check the test of the line when buying, based on your needs. You don’t want to show up to the pond with 150 lb test, unless there’s a hidden Loch Ness at your local fishing spot. 

Strongest Braided Fishing Line

Berkley x9 takes the braided line to the next level of strength and durability. The conventional braided fishing line will have eight strands, and the Berkley x9 adds one more with nine strands in its line, fulfilling its namesake. 

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Berkley takes the engineering, design, and strength of its fishing line seriously. I like a company that tests its product in the real world and they do exactly that. It’s why I am confident every time I spool up with Berkley x9.

If you’re going to be fishing in heavy cover, with rocks, snags, and other obstacles that can break your line, you’ll want Berkley x9 on your spinning reel. When the fishing gets tough, the tough gets Berkley.

What We Like
Strength - For a spinning reel, you’ll want to focus on the 6 lb to 30 lb test lines. The Berkley x9 is a great choice if you’re fishing in waters with rocks, snags, and other obstacles. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is for my line to snap when I’m fighting a catch.
Casting - When I’m out on the water, I want to be able to land the bait where I want with a smooth cast. This line is a great choice as its thinner design compared to competitors will allow for a longer cast. It is also built and designed to hold virtually no line memory, which smooths out your cast. 
Sensitivity - Remember how I mentioned the thin design of this line? That also comes into play with line sensitivity. This is especially important when using spinnerbait, as you want to know the precise moment to set the hook when you get a hit. 
Know Before Buying
- When you are choosing the test, you can also choose the length you will need. Be sure to match that with your particular reel so that you have the right amount when spooling your reel. 

Best Premium Braided Fishing Line For Spinning Reels

When I want a premium, high-quality braided line for my spinning reel, I look to Power Pro Spectra. It’s a couple bucks more than the competitors, and those couple bucks go a long way to bring quality to your gear. 

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If you’re looking for a line that will have no wear after hundreds of casts, easy-to-tie knots, and a line that will fly off your reel when you cast, then look no further. The Power Pro Spectra delights anglers whether they’re going after bass or trout.

This line was constructed with ultra-slick and smooth Spectra fiber. No corners were cut in the material or design.

You’ll be shocked at how thin and strong this line is; it’s a great choice for seasoned fishermen. But even if you haven’t converted to a braided line from mono or fluorocarbon, and you want a great experience for your first braided line, then Power Pro Spectra will blow you away.

What We Like
Material - Not every kind of line is cut from the same cloth. Material matters. The Power Pro Spectra line is made with Spectra, a proprietary polyethylene fiber made to be super strong and super thin. It’s one smooth operator on your spinning reel. 
Reliability - I don’t know about you, but I think the most annoying thing in the world is to have my line break on a snag or for no reason at all. Whether it’s on-dock pilings, rocks, or weeds, this line will pull through in rough fishing spots. 
Smooth Cast - Remember that Spectra material I mentioned before? It makes for a buttery smooth cast. Land a lure exactly where you want with this line.
Know Before Buying
- Power Pro Spectra is a few bucks more than competitors, but it won’t break the bank. The extra cost translates to added value in reliability, strength, and quality material design.

Best Spinning Braided Fishing Line For Beginners

Every angler has to start somewhere with a new piece of tackle, gear, bait, or line. For braided line first-timers, SpiderWire Stealth fits the bill as a good entry point. 

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SpiderWire Stealth remains popular and provides a well-rounded fishing line. On first glance what stands out is its camo coloring, which is coated with a Color-Lock technology that keeps the line from fading.

There’s a reason why braided fishing line is nicknamed spiderwire – how can you go wrong buying from the company with that namesake? Simply put, this line lives up to its name.

What We Like
Cost - This is one of the most affordable braided fishing lines on the market. But don’t take the low price the wrong way. It is a reliable line and for the price, you can’t go wrong. 
Color - The camo color won’t fade on this line for a long time. You’ll be able to cast for years while the line is protected with the Color-Lock technology. That means the line will blend in the water and fish will have a harder time picking up a sight on this line.
Know Before Buying
- Although this is a good introductory line, it’s important that you know how to tie the right kind of knot. I recommend double-looping the line through your hook or lure to solve any problems with slipping that you may encounter. 

How to choose the best braided fishing line for spinning reels

There are five main features to consider when browsing for the best braided fishing line for spinning reels. Let’s do a quick recap for each.

a man's hands holding a spinning reel and fishing with the ocean sparkling in the backgroundPlease take a look at my other fishing photos:


The first thing you want to check is the strength of the line. What you’ll need will vary based on the type of fish you’re going for, their average weight, and the type of reel you’re using. For a spinning reel, you can usually get away with up to 30 lb test for braided line, which would be hard to do with your bog-standard mono line.


After test, length is the next consideration. This will depend on how much line your reel can hold and what kind of fishing you’ll be doing. Don’t short yourself and be sure to check the specs on your spinning reel.


Fish can readily spot a braided line, but how easily will depend on the coloring of the line. Braided lines will usually have different color options that you can choose if this is a consideration, ranging from gray to camo.


The thinner the line, the smoother the cast relative to its strength. A thinner line will be lighter in your spinning reel. Check the diameter of the line when browsing.

Thread count

Common thread counts for braided lines will be four, eight, or even the odd nine count that Berkley offers. The more threads, the more strength, but may impact smoothness in the cast.

Advantages of braided fishing line

Whether you’re out casting for bass (see article on spinning reels for bass fishing) or a walleye pike, rigging up your fishing rod with various kinds of braided fishing lines offers some clear benefits. Let’s take a look at each.

Casts farther

If you want to land your spinnerbait in the right spot, sometimes you’ll need a little extra distance and control when you cast. Braided line provides the advantage here – landing 10-30% farther than other types of line. Not only does it cast farther, but it also casts better. The reason for this is that it doesn’t keep line memory.

More sensitive

When you’re going after fish with a gentle bite, you’ll want to spool up your reel with braided line. This can apply if you’re using spinner bait, crankbait, or bottom-fishing. The braided fishing line has very little stretch, which makes it more sensitive when a fish hits.

Abrasion resistance / durability

Getting the most out of your fishing line is another consideration. You might not think about it, but fishing line contends with unforgiving elements: wind, sun, rock, water. Making sure your line lasts and doesn’t break when you’ve got a fish on the line is critical. And this is a plus in the pro column for braided over other kinds of line. The construction and material of braided fishing line help it last for years on your spinning reel.

Spool higher test line

Pound for pound, braided line wallops both monofilament and fluorocarbon line with the same thickness. You can spool a 10 lb test braided line when a monofilament line of the same thickness would only allow for 4 pound test. This means that you can get more braided line on your reel; another plus in the braided lines pro column.

Disadvantages of braided line

As you can see, there are several clear advantages of braided fishing line. But it’s important to know the drawbacks, too.

Higher visibility for the fish

Fish can spot most braided fishing lines easier. It’s simply more visible. If you’re fishing from a boat, this can be a big problem. Also, if you’re fishing in brushy areas or heavy cover where the fish sit close to the bottom and might be spooked by your line above them, they will spot it more easily.

Weak to UV rays

Also, the color of braided fishing line can fade and weaken when exposed to intense ultraviolet light. This is especially true in the summer months and above water, which is why it’s critical to keep your line in the shade as much as possible when you’re out on a sunny day.

More expensive

It’s usually more expensive. But then again, it’s more durable and robust so you don’t have to replace it as often. This might be a consideration if you’re on a budget.

Harder to tie knots

But the biggest disadvantage of all is that it’s harder to tie various kinds of knots with braided fishing line compared to other types, especially when you’re out on the water and don’t have as much time as you’d like. You want to make sure you get it right, so you should practice your knots before you need them. You can also use super glue on this fishing line like many anglers to make it stronger and to avoid unraveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size braid is best for a spinning reel?

If you’re new to spinning reels, a line of 15 lb test or more is the starting point. If you have a low-end baitcasting reel, lighter braid will be better as it’s easier on your arm and wrist. Higher quality baitcasting reels can handle a heavier braided line for fishing larger fish.

What braid can I use in saltwater?

Saltwater requires a line that’s filled with special materials to help it resist corrosion and be flexible enough for fishing. Monofilaments and fluorocarbon lines will be better suited for saltwater fishing, although there are some that can fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

What braid is best for largemouth bass?

Largemouth bass range from half a pound to over twenty pounds. As such, you’ll need a line with more strength. In this case, a 20 lb braid or heavier will be more suitable for largemouth bass fishing. A braided line of 30 lbs test or more is ideal for this job.

If you want to know the best bait for Largemouth and how you can catch more bass, read our article here.

What is the best color of braided fishing line?

The best color of braided fishing line will depend on the situation. Typically speaking, black is considered one of the worst colors to use in fresh water and saltwater because it can be easily seen by fish in both environments. Gray and green are better options in freshwater while blue and gray work well in saltwater. Camo is another popular color.

Are braided fishing lines good for catching trout?

Trout are known for being picky about the bait they eat (but I’m pretty sure that trout loves salmon eggs), so you’ll need a line that helps your offering blend in. A braided line with a camo color pattern may be the answer you’re looking for if this is a consideration.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our discussion about choosing the best braided fishing lines. At the end of the day, a braided fishing line on a spinning reel is a match made in angler heaven. Just be sure to take care of fishing reels by applying marine grease on them.

This product combo gives flexibility in where you can fish, how far you can cast, and the reliability of your fishing line. After the first time I used this kind of line, I was hooked.

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