The modern fishing rod is a technological marvel. We investigate the factors differentiating the rods on the market, from their power, action, line weight, lure weight and number of pieces. Follow us below as we go on the hunt for the best rod for your needs.

The Most Expensive Fishing Rod – Such Beautiful Bamboo

All That Glitters is Gold: The Most Expensive Fishing Rod We all know that fishing gear can be expensive, from a complete tackle box to owning your own boat. Hell, I’ve seen kids with enough equipment that I would hardly call what they do fishing. But when it comes down to it, you can really…
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How Long Does Fishing Line Last? – Avoid the Snap Factor

No Lost Fish You've hooked that monster fish. The one you'll take pictures of, and put on your profile wall. You know it's big because it won't budge, and it's brought you three times around the boat. The lunker is finally starting to come up, but finds the strength for one more run. You hold…
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Pier Fishing Tips – A Walk Part Way into the Ocean

Get in the Zone It's a sunny day in southern California. There's a slight breeze, and it feels good to be outside. The call of the beach and water is strong. You need a plan. Fishing strikes you as one possibility, but you're just not sure where to go. Maybe you have the kids? Perhaps…
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Getting the Best from a Collapsible Fishing Rod

The collapsible fishing rod, or telescopic rod, has for a long time, been considered as a bit of a joke. Fishermen visualize cheap, nasty telescopic rods sold online, or at Walmart, which are in no way suitable for fishing anywhere. Now, until a few years back, this opinion was general well earned. A collapsible fishing…
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