Fly, centrepin, baitcasting, conventional, spinning, spincast, underspin, the list goes on. But which are the stand out performers and for what conditions should we bring which reel. We have you covered, see below.

How to Catch Bream – Sunfish and Bluegill Holding Line One

Finding Sunfish and Learning How to Catch Bream Bream are a relatively small sized species of fish that live in almost every body of fresh water. Bream are often thought of as a child's pastime, fishing a tiny pond with a flexible stick. It's true that as kids, many of us have a fond memory…
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What are the Best Catfish Reels?

Let’s start this post with a short story. I, the author, am from the UK. We don’t catch many catfish in the UK. I now live in Thailand where there are dozens of species of catfish. You see that picture below and to the right? That’s me. Actually, all the pictures on this page are…
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Classic Fishing Reel Reviews

In this post, we are going to attempt to give some truly unbiased fishing reel reviews. And to make things more fun, we are going to review some reels that are noted as being real classics, which have become must have items of tackle for many anglers. [easyazon_link identifier="B0085AWT4W" locale="US" tag="fishermensangle-20"]Shimano BTR4000OC Baitrunner[/easyazon_link] [easyazon_image align="right"…
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A Guide to Electric Fishing Reels

Ask an average fisherman about electric fishing reels, and you are likely to be met with either a blank stare, or a laugh. This is because fishing as a sport, has not changed very much over the years. We still use the same kinds of equipment, and the same basic fishing methods. So to most…
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