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The first time I used a braided fishing line, it felt like I was tapping into some mystical fishing power. I remember the exact morning. My tired eyes watching the clouds part as the sun came up, lighting the coho rolling in the little eddy I often fished on cool fall mornings before class.

The plan had been to meet a friend at the mystical backwater. We were going to get our hour of fishing in before we trekked off to school to be taught whatever topic we’d be ignoring for the day. He was late, of course.

Anyways, I was fishing for the silvers with my typical 12 pound mono in the eddy when he finally rolled up and brought it out, a reel outfitted with the latest and greatest. He called it “spiderwire,” a term we’d call all braided line for years to come, and said it was unbreakable. He said you could pull a small block off the bottom with it.

Now listen, we fished but did not fish hard and basically used our father’s and grandfather’s old tackle. This “spiderwire,” or whatever it was, though, was going to be the answer to all our needs. Or so we thought.

Of course, we eventually found out you couldn’t pull a small block off the bottom with it, but it was mystical, and it did feel like the future. To make a long story short, I believe I got skunked that day, like most days, but I also got my first taste of a line I’d be using for years to come for everything from frogging for bass to floating for Steelhead.

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Best Budget

Piscifun Lunker is a beast of a line. With a thin diameter, low memory, a uniquely abrasion-resistant coating, sensitivity, and fighting ability, all at less than half the cost of some competitors, this one will have you wondering why you ever spent more on braided line.

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Looking to fill your reel with a new braided line at a reasonable price? Piscifun has you covered with their Lunker braided line.

Piscifun Lunker has little to no spool memory, undeniable tensile strength, zero stretch sensitivity, and gets a patented nano-coating abrasion-resistant treatment. And all of that at a wallet-friendly price.

With a four strand bundle, this line is strong, but thanks to its ultra-thin diameter and especially designed resistant coating, it’s also smooth. So you can expect this line to slice through the water and transmit all the “feels” you’re looking for. And thanks to its low spool memory, it won’t untwist like your mono line. That means you can feel as comfortable with this line on your spinning reel as your baitcaster.

When purchasing Piscifun’s Lunker braided line, keep in mind that although it floats like most braided line, it will sink when wet.

What We Like
Diameter - The Lunkers Netherlands PE material gives it an ultra-strong pound test per diameter.
Nano Coating - The coating on this will mean that even though it's a four strand bundle, you can expect smoothness and an extended service life.
Price - This line is flat-out affordable. If you're on a budget and looking for excellent quality, look no further.
Know Before Buying
Water Resistance - This line has a low water resistance, meaning it'll float until it is saturated with water and then sink.

Best overall

The reviews don't lie. Sufix's 832 Advanced Superline is one of the strongest, most durable small diameter braided lines on the market. So if you're looking for a braided line that you can trust with day in and out use, something to throw on your reel and forget about, this is the line for you.

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Sufix’s 832 Advanced Superline is the real deal when it comes to line with all of the benefits and a few of the flaws that come with most braided line. The 832 Advanced Superline is thin, strong, round and smooth, loose, and water-resistant, offering everything a day in day out angler is looking for.

The Suffix 832 touts an eight fiber braid, 7 HMPE Dyneema fibers, and one fiber constructed of a patent-pending Gore material and 32 weaves per inch. This results in an improved abrasion resistance, increased casting distance and reduced line vibration.

All that tech in the line quality results in a line not only in an outstanding casting line but ones that’s durable, lays nicely on the reel, and has excellent value for the money. If you’re looking for a line that glides when you cast, even off of your spinner, this is the one for you.

Keep in mind when purchasing this line that it might fade over time, though that won’t affect its performance.

What We Like
Fraying - 7 Dyneema strands and one patented pending gore strand, all with 32 weaves per inch, meaning this thing is tough. You can expect to see less fraying and strength loss in your knots.
Smooth - You'll love how smooth this line is. It'll cast far and lay easily on the reel.
Strength - Bring a pair of heavy gloves fishing if you don't want to cut this line or break your reel when you get a snag.
Know Before Buying
Color Retention - The color of this line may fade over time.

Best low visibility

Spiderwire hit the name on the head with the Stealth. This line is strong, smooth, and far casting. It's also quiet and camo-colored with a color lock coating, meaning wary fish won't hear or see you coming.

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If you’re one of those anglers looking for every advantage you can get out on the water, SpiderWire’s Stealth Braided line is for you. With a uniquely colored camouflaged braid and a construction focused on strength, a thin diameter, and smooth and quiet performance, the Stealth braided line has every advantage you need.

That smooth, quiet performance is thanks to a fluoropolymer treatment on the microfibers that removes resistance and increases casting ability.

Beyond the sleek, quiet design, SpiderWire PE fibers added no stretch properties gives this line the supersensitivity needed to skip over underwater structures and set the hook on even delicate bites.

What We Like
Varying Color Patterns - You'll be able to pick this line up in varying camo color patterns to match whatever water you're fishing in.
Smoothness - The fluoropolymer coating on this line will have you casting lures for miles.
Memory - This line has low memory meaning it shouldn't birdsnest like the mono you've been using.
Know Before Buying
Color Options - This braided line comes in a ton of color options. If you have poor eyesight, you may want to opt for a less stealthy version and go for their high vis option.

Best castability

Power Pro's Spectra is a micro-filament line that is everything you're looking for in braid. It's thin, strong, abrasion-resistant, and thanks to its incredibly round and smooth body, it'll darn there cast to the moon.

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Power Pro’s Spectra braided line is for the amateur to pro angler looking for a serious competitive advantage. Whether you’re a fairweather angler or fishing in the harshest environments, you’ll find that Spectra braid will take all the punishment you can throw at it.

That’s because Power Pro designed the line from the ground up with its super-strong naturally abrasion-resistant spectra fiber. From there, they treated the line with an advanced body technology leaving it smooth, sensitive, and rounder than the competition.

The Spectra is not only tough because of its round design, but it’s also incredibly castable.

If you haven’t been excited about a fishing line in a while, the reviews are in, and this one’s for you.

Keep in mind when purchasing this line that it is round and incredibly smooth. If you over spool your line, you may lose loops over the top.

What We Like
Castability - With a heavy spoon on, you can expect to cast this line as far as a football field.
Durability - This line will feel like it lasts forever on a spool.
Sensitivity - You'll love the feel of this line.
Know Before Buying
Overloading - Be careful not to overload your reel with this smooth round line.

Best for salt

Saltwater fishermen are a different breed, and they know what they want when it comes to tackle. If you're a saltwater angler looking for a fast cutting, tough as nails line that is sensitive enough to feel a bite from way down in the depths, Piscifun's Onyx braid is the line for you.

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Saltwater fishing requires a braided line that’s fast cutting, super strong, and as sensitive as they come. Piscifun’s Onyx is a high-performance line that checks all the boxes.

With Piscifun’s new nano resin epoxy coating technology, this smooth and round braided line is ultra-durable and abrasion-resistant, meaning it’ll cut through the turbulent seas with ease and take any punishment you or the ocean can throw at it.

Piscifun also designed this line with four strands and 8, meaning it’s not only smooth cutting but also as strong and sensitive as you need with minimal stretching.

Whether fishing on the bottom of the ocean or casting to bass under piers, that strength, ultra-low stretch, and increased sensitivity will result in increased speed and power when setting the hook.

What We Like
Water Absorption - This line's coating makes it more water-resistant than many competitors.
Knot Strength - 4 strand braid holds knots better than its eight strand counterpart.
Fast Cutting - This smooth line should cut through heavy tides.
Sensitivity - This lines ultra-low stretch means you'll be able to feel every nibble.
Know Before Buying
Number Of Strands - Keep in mind that above 65 pounds of test and this line moves up to 8 strands.

What’s the deal with braided fishing line?

Although braided line has become increasingly popular over the last decade or two, the high knot strength fishing line with killer power to diameter and lack of stretch was one of the first types of fishing line invented. Actually, before the invention of mono and fluorocarbon line, nearly all fishing lines were braided.

Originally braided line was natural threads braided together to increase line strength. Eventually, manufacturers switched to Dacron. Today you’ll find line braided with artificial fibers ranging the trademarked from Dacron to the trademarked spectra and a host of other tiny solid plastic fibers in between.

All of these lines have their benefits and drawbacks, but the number one reason you’ll want to consider using them is the power to diameter ratio. Braided lines have killer breaking strength and are downright tiny. Some anglers also use super glue on their braided fishing line to make them stronger.

Braided Fishing Line

What benefits does braided line have over mono or fluoro?

The nature of the braid or woven material makes braided line just flat-out strong. And the beauty of the material is that flat-out strength comes in a small diameter, like a quarter the diameter of mono. It also lacks stretch. That means you can not only fit a higher strength braided line on a spool than mono or fluoro, but you can also cast it with less resistance.

And once cast because of the light diameter and lack of stretch, you’ll be able to “feel” the lure better, set the hook harder, and drag fish in quicker, even through thick growth.

Another benefit of that braided line and that breaking strength is lure retrieval or, better yet, the former lack thereof. Snags will never be a thing of the past if you’re fishing right, but that breaking strength means losing lures will be. The braided line simply bends the hook and pulls the bait in.

What drawbacks does braided line have?

Although it benefits ridden, when purchasing braided line, it’s important to consider the few drawbacks you’ll encounter, although most of those drawbacks are repercussions of its strengths.

The first major drawback to consider when purchasing braided line is that lack of stretch. Although that’s great for catching and feeling fish, that lack of play means if your drag is not set correctly, you can actually lose fish due to a quick hard bite and line break. That lack of stretch paired with quality braided lines smoothness also means you may need to learn new knots, as many standard fishing knots won’t “sink” into the braided line. There’s a good chance, often, when anglers experience a line break on braid, it’s really a knot coming undone.

Beyond almost too much strength and smoothness, as braided line is made up of various fibers, its high visibility is another thing to consider. Wary fish may spook at the sight of the line. To combat this, many anglers throw a mono or fluoro leader on, mimicking a fly fishing setup.

Finally, you’ll want to be careful with your braided line around knives and sharp objects, like rocks. Braided line has incredible pulling strength but low abrasion resistance. To combat this many new high quality braided lines do come coated in abrasion resistant material, so consider purchasing that variety if you’re tough on your tackle.

Best Uses for Braided Line

Although you can really use braided line for all types of fishing, its strengths play into a few specialties.

The most common use for braided line is topwater bass fishing. If you’re frogging through the lily pads or pulling your Texas-rigged Senko through the muck, having a line that can bust through the weeds without losing a lure is essential. An added benefit here is that the braided line also floats, pulling over the top of the water and junk.

Another fairly common use for braided line is on the far other end of the fishing world out in the deep salt. Deep-Sea fishing requires a ton of line. If you’re deep dropping for swordfish at high noon, you’ll be fishing over a thousand feet deep. Throwing braid on your reel means you’ll not only have a more robust line, but you’ll also have more of it. And when that current gets a pulling, the braided line’s diameter means it’ll float through the water with a lack of resistance.

Finally, an often-overlooked application for braid is finesse fishing. Throwing light braid on allows you to cast efficiently, effectively, and with accuracy. Really, if you’re using a baitcaster without braid, sit down, have a beer, and rethink your life.

Seriously though, if you’re looking at getting into more fish in hard-to-reach places, throw it on. An added benefit will be the feel of the lure through the water and the feeling of light bites on the other end of the line.

How to choose the best braided line

Whether looking to outfit your baitcasting fleet or line that oversized deep dropping electric spool for the big one, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a braided line.


All braided lines on the market today are made from polyethylene (otherwise known as plastic) extruded microfibers pulled into strands and then woven together.

The two most common forms you’ll find are spectra and Dyneema. In the end, nearly all compositions of braided line material have the same or similar breaking strength. What you’ll want to consider more over actual material is the number of strands in the line itself.

Number of Strands

Individual braided line strands woven together are known as bundles. The majority of braided lines come in options with bundles of four, six, or eight strands.

When considering bundle amounts, always remember that the lower the bundle number, the rougher the strand and the less compact the line. That means a four strand bundle will have the roughest finish and be the least compact.

So, if you’re looking to fish topwater through weeds, a four-strand is the way to go. It’s rough and tough and designed to cut through the thick of it.

On the other end of the chart is the eight strand bundle. An eight strand bundle will be quieter and smoother through your guidelines. If you’re finesse fishing or casting far, consider an eight strand.


Braided line is less abrasion resistant than mono or fluoro, so you’ll often find braided line that comes coated. Coating not only strengthens the body of the line but also makes it more compact.

When considering coating, remember that although the layer will make the line more abrasion resistant, it may also make it more resistant in general. Unfortunately, that resistance can actually result in added friction on your line. So if you’re casting for all day, opt for a light coated or non coated line.


When shopping for braided line, you’ll find nearly every color of the rainbow available. At the end of the day, color is a personal preference. If you’re adding a leader and have poor eyesight, you may consider a brighter color that you can see in the low light.


It’s no secret that braided line is on the spendy side. Just remember when purchasing it that the price comes with added benefits. It’s stronger, thinner, easier to cast, and it’ll last longer. Know how long a fishing line lasts here.


Remember when fishing used to be simple? Just standing on the edge of a river casting to coho with a good buddy. It can certainly feel like all the progress and innovation in fishing have taken that away, but I’m here to tell you braided line isn’t here to do that.

Braided line isn’t here to take anything away but to bring it back. Considering it was the first type of fishing line there was, we’re talking way back.

If you’re looking to throw some line on your reel that is stronger, lighter, easier to cast, and has set it and forget its durability that will give you cast after cast worry-free enjoyment, look no further.

Geoff Stadnyk

Geoff started fishing as a child in the gorgeous lakes of Mammoth, while on family vacations. His fishing experience includes the use of fly rod and reel. Guided trips along the Madison and Gallatin rivers in Montana, the Frying Pan and Animus in Colorado, and the Deschutes river in Oregon have all paid off and helped make Geoff the angler and writer that he is today.

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