We round up what to pack and wear on your next fishing trip as we know that sometimes it’s not only having the right gear for the expedition, but looking the part too. Follow us below for the latest and greatest fishing accessories.

Deep Cycle on the Water: The Best Trolling Motor Battery

The old school guys that used to fish lakes and lagoons by way of the different waterborne craft will be the first to tell you how much trolling motors have changed the very face of vessel fishing. Bass fishermen, in particular, have taken to using these quiet, electric motors. They use them not only as…
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What is a Tope? – A Slender Shadow Passes in the Shallows

The Thrill of Catch and Release – What is a Tope? Boaters and fishermen that try their line around the coast of the British Isles and Ireland are long familiar with Tope. They often see these slender shadows, that are predatory sharks, swimming in sandy areas. Often hunting in very shallow water. Tope populations have…
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Best Bait for Largemouth Bass – Bassing up the Competition

The Ever Changing Best Bait for Largemouth Bass More fishermen lose Largemouth Bass than any other kind of fish hooked. Now I see the shuffling about, and the hands starting to come up in question or protest, but bear with me for one more moment. You see, Largemouth Bass are the most plentiful and most…
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How Long do Hand Warmers Last? – Enduring the Hard Elements

The Importance of Extremities – How Long do Hand Warmers Last? About three years back, I was on an ocean trip targeting yellowtail. It was April, and while never really cold, the mornings can get a bit brisk. Our first stop on fish was just after sunrise. The cool ocean water had chilled a slight…
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