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Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional fishing enthusiast, fishing alone can make you tired so you need a cart to bring in all of your gears to the fishing spot whether you are pier fishing or pond fishing.

Most people who are not aware that they can get a cart for carrying their fishing scales, rods, tackle, bait, underwater camera, and other fishing gears to the site are still struggling. You do not have to put in that effort of carrying different storage compartments for different equipment, as you can get just one cart to sort it all out.

This guide intends to give you a clear idea of the best fishing cart products listed in online stores. I have personally used most of these products to get you a reliable review for each one of them. I didn’t conclude the review with my own experiences, but I also talked to other people who own them. So, you can count on this review guide to help decide on your purchase. Apart from that, I am also putting up a buying guide to consider some factors before making the purchase.

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Best 5 Fishing Carts

Most beginners are not sure which fishing cart they should count on! Therefore, here are the five different options for you to consider on priority:

Best Overall Fishing Cart

The fishers designed the Platinum Beach Cart for people to experience ease in carrying their equipment to the spot.

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This perfectly sized product can hold more giant rods and other associated accessories. It is made up of aluminum and has an adjustable receiver arm. Hence, it allows you to slot it into the backside of the truck without any hassle.

Hence, this makes it easy for you to transport the cart easily by attaching it to your trailer. It comes with 18 inches x 30 7/8 inches of interior dimensions, which is ample space. There are 8 long rod holders within it. It has enormous balloon wheels for you to make it glide over the loose sands around water surroundings.

It also has a solid aluminum foot and handles, adding to the features. It would have been better if the brand had given some padding over the handle and foot. But this is not at all a deal-breaker. The prime features of this product are that it has a vast capacity, strongly built design, accessible transportation, and available tires. So, there is nothing that you won’t like in this cart.

Yes, the price might not sound good to you, which is a bit on the higher side. But, the people who are serious about fishing will eventually go for this worthy investment.

What We Like
- It is light in weight
- You can take it or use it on all surface
- The balloon tires are what adds to its versatility
- There is plenty of storage area
- The bed and frame and long-lasting and durable
- It comes with a trailer hitch for easy transportation
Know Before Buying
- It is a bit on the expensive side.

Best Collapsible Fishing Cart

Berkley is a well-known brand that knows how to do fishing. They have put up a thoughtful design that is ideal for the anglers who do not have any truck for transporting their fishing gear to & from the water.

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This cart’s collapsible design makes it easy for the fishermen and fisherwomen to store or stow.

The best thing that this cart is offering upfront is the aluminum frame. Even with the folding mechanism, it still has enormous strength to withstand the heavyweight of gears for up to 200 pounds. It consists of two sizable air-filled rubber tires on the rear end when you deploy it. Apart from that, it also has a couple of support legs on the front end! You get a comfortable and long handle for steering and pulling the cart.

The fabric parts of the body are strong and durable! You can expect it to last for a lifetime if you maintain it well over repeated use. The design allows you to store the smaller items in it without the stress of losing them. They won’t fall through the cart! The size of this cart can accommodate even a 48-quart cooler and other such small essentials.

Berkley comes with 6-rod holders that are removable. You also get the loop and hook straps for locking down items you might have to shift later on your fishing day. The brand has also made up space to accommodate a small folding bed and drink holder for you to carry to your fishing spot. In short, this is a complete package for you to attain ease of carrying the essentials to fishing destinations.

But remember that if you are carrying an ice chest, you might not have space to add all of the other things mentioned above. So, you need to plan out the utilization of this space statistically. The tires of this cart are tall and wide, which allows you to glide them on almost all surfaces. Irrespective of whether you use this cart on rocks, sand, piers, or blacktops, you will be expecting no trouble from the perspective of tires. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to air them up over time.

One drawback to this cart is that the tire hubs are made up of plastic for this cart. So, make sure you do not intentionally pull them into some hazards such as sharp curbs, roots, or big rocks. You might need to impose care if you pull it through these hazards. The best thing about this cart is that you can pack it up in your trunk!

What We Like
- It is a collapsible fishing cart.
- It is light in weight.
- There is a sufficient storage area.
- It is highly durable.
Know Before Buying
- The tire hubs are not durable, as they are made of plastic.
- The folding and unfolding mechanism is a bit tricky.

Best Affordable Fishing Cart

The Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH is accountable for being a perfect arsenal for storing all of your fishing accessories.

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If you need to head out to the laborious spots for fishing, this is the cart you would need to accommodate all of your equipment to that spot. It is built with rigid plastic and aluminum material, free from corrosion.

The bin body is ideal for taking the bumps and knocks of fishing and accommodating a 48-quart cooler or ice chest. With this cooler, you will still have a little room for other small essentials. The actual size of the bin of this cart is 36 inches x 24 inches. There are 8-rod holders embedded in this cart on the sides, and it has a bait tray as well.

It has a long and comfortable handle for steering and pulling the cart quickly on any surface. The solid and large plastic wheels are there for a reason! It intends to prevent the potential of punctures while being pulled over the rough surfaces. Usually, most carts come with softer wheels to make them ideal for gliding over the sand. But, this product has a multi-purpose wheel!

Assembling and disassembling the cart is also easy, making it easy for you to transport the same. You might need tools to deploy the cart, but still, this is one of the best carts you can get amongst the thousands of options available online.

There is a drawback for this product as the wheels of this cart turn over the metal rods at its hub. Therefore, it quickly experiences some wear and tears upon frequent use with heavier loads. Apart from that, the rod holders with this cart do not have any bottoms to resist the rods from going down. Therefore, the surfcasting rods with long handles might be challenging to accommodate in this cart.

But on overall measures, it is a good product within the budgeted price range!

What We Like
- Assembling and disassembling is easy and fast.
- It comes with a big storage area.
- It has a durable frame and bin.
- There are plenty of rod holders in it.
- The solid tires have no trouble getting punctured or wearing out too soon.
Know Before Buying
- The tire hub, which is made of metal, wears out over the axle rod upon usage with a heavy load.
- The rod holders are not ideal for surfcasting fishing rods.

Best Value for Money Fishing Cart

This Sea Striker Deluxe Fishing Cart has an excellent price to quality ratio. It is most popular amongst the people within the surf fishing community.

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This product comes with plastic wheels, which allow it to travel quickly over rough terrains. You can safely place your surf fishing rods on its 7-rod holders embedded in this cart for conveniently transporting the reels and rods.

The body of this fishing cart is made up of powder-coated metal and is highly durable, tough, rust-resistant, and water-resistant. The space within the cart can accommodate up to a 54-quart cooler, which is large enough for most of the surf fishing expeditions. The best feature of this cart is that it can be disassembled easily for proper storage in a small space or between trips. Similarly, it is also easy to assemble the cart when the fishing season arrives.

People know this brand as highly dependable fishing equipment, an excellent budget option as a folding fishing cart. The Sea Striker Deluxe Fishing Cart is functional, efficient, and cheap for beginners and professionals. Hence, you can conclude that it is a very economical option for surf fishing and pier fishing.

What We Like
- It comes at a great price and has a brand warranty.
- The capacity is humongous for a cart in this price range.
- It has a tall handle for making the pulls easy on rough terrains.
- The powdered steel coating is destined to resist corrosion.
Know Before Buying
- The capacity is smaller than other items in this list.
- The tires are small, which might create trouble in pulling the cart in deep sand.

Highest Capacity Fishing Cart

The Alumacart Kahuna Junior Beach & Fishing Wagon is termed the giant fishing cart in terms of capacity.

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People call it the monster truck for carrying fishing equipment and accessories. The design is robust and has a greater riding height than most competitor carts. You can take out almost anything to your fishing destination with this cart.

The solid aluminum rails and bottoms are durable and allow you to carry around 350 pounds of stuff. The larger capacity gives a verdict about the build and material proficiency of this product. If you prefer to carry heavy equipment into the water for fishing, there is no better option than this product. Each side of this cart is removable and allows you to make customizations for the rail system as per your specific needs.

But, if you count on keeping all four sides intact, then the interior dimension’s measure for the cart will be 34.5 inches * 16.5 inches, which offers plenty of space for the gear. You will also get 4-rod holders with this cast that are perfect even for surfcasting long handled rods. Apart from that, you have a well-designed handle for steering and pulling the cart embedded with balloon tires for easy glides over small rocks and sands.

What We Like
- It is light in weight.
- The product is ideal for all surfaces.
- There is plenty of storage space.
- The bed and frame are super durable.
- The rod holders are designed to accommodate surf-casting rods as well.
Know Before Buying
- It is a bit expensive but is still worth the investment.

Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Cart

The list is right in front of you! But you need one and not all of the best 5 listed above! Therefore, here are the consideration factors within this buying guide section to help you out in picking the best product to meet your needs:

#1 Size of the Cart

The size of the fishing cart is essential for you to consider, depending upon your requirements. If you just need the rod and a small fishing tackle bag for a short fishing day, then you can go for cheaper and smaller-size cart options. But if you are looking for an option to go fishing for a full day, you will eventually need a larger cart capacity for hauling multiple fishing poles, ice coolers, tackle box, bait buckets, and more.

If you intend to catch large fish throughout the day, then you need more extensive storage to bring all of them home. Therefore, you can look for carts with ample storage in that case. Hence, this will help you pick the best option for your fishing cart.

#2 Material

The material you opt for your fishing cart should make it light in weight and free from corrosion. The plastic materials are considered less expensive and light in weight, but the durability factor is compromised. The aluminum fishing cart is considered a bit heavier but can withstand more wear & tear while taking on heavier loads.

#3 Terrain

You need to count on the terrain where you will be taking the fishing cart. Some of the carts have wheels and axles to withstand the rough terrains, while others are built specifically for selective terrains. So, if you have any fixed terrain for fishing, then look for a respective cart that can withstand the same. You will get such carts at a lower price!

But if you keep switching your fishing terrains, it is better to get fishing carts that can glide well for the same. Look for the options that have the feasibility of seamless gliding over multiple terrains. For instance, if you prefer to go on docks or any concrete surface, they prefer a pier cart.

#4 Wheels

The poly wheels on a fishing cart are likely to support more weight than the rubber wheels. It is also accountable as highly durable in comparison to other options. Apart from that, the heavy-duty balloon wheels that come with traction treads are also essential for traveling across soft gravels or sand.


Typical beach cart on the island Norderney.

Does the number of rod holders matter in a fishing cart?

Before anything else, how many rods do you take when fishing? If you are fishing with a group of members, you will need a cart with multiple rod holders. It is not ideal for all members to bring in different carts for carrying their equipment, as it would occupy a lot of space and hassle to manage.

What is the ideal capacity of a fishing cart that one should prefer?

One should go for a fishing cart that can hold weight at least up to 200lbs. There are only a few options that can hold weight more than that!


So, this is all about the best five fishing carts available in the online market. Count on all of the necessary factors and pick the one that suits your fishing needs the most. Keep pricing as the last consideration because you don’t want to save a few dollars and go for a product that won’t last long. This will be a waste of money, and you won’t prefer to do that!

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