Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

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Ice fishing is more than dropping fishing lines through the holes in the ice into the clear water.

It is a pastime where experience, skill, and luck play equal roles in catching fish.

Luckily, with technology on our side these days, we can increase the odds of making a catch by using an underwater fishing camera to show us where the fish is.

The best underwater camera for ice fishing is the one that shows you in high-definition what’s going on underneath the ice with regards to the landscape and, most importantly, fish activity.

Ice fishing is usually accompanied by dark and murky waters, where visibility tends to be low.

It makes sense that you opt for an underwater camera that thrives in low-light environments.

Durability, portability, and long battery life are also important.

The following underwater cameras will light up your ice fishing experience and show you the way to fish.

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Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing in Clear and Less Cloudy Waters

When comparing the Eyoyo 7” to other more expensive ice fishing cameras, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it performs in all aspects at a sliver of the price that most cameras go for.

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Sometimes in this wonderful life, you get a little more than you paid for. The Eyoyo Portable 7″ LCD 1000 TVL Fishing Camera is such a case in point. Talking about a case, the Eyoyo 7″ Fishing Camera comes in a very durable and portable case that protects the equipment and makes for safe transport on your fishing trips.

Specifications of the Eyoyo Portable 7” LCD 1000 TVL Fishing Camera:

  • 7” LCD Screen
  • 49 feet Cable Length (Available in 98 feet and 164 feet)
  • 1000 TVL (TV lines definition) Camera Pixel
  • 12-Piece Infrared Lights
  • 4500 Mah Rechargeable Battery
  • Removable Sun-Visor
  • IP68 Camera Waterproof Level

Designing and painting the camera to look like a fish was a genius move from Eyoyo; I have seen some fish trying to pick a fight with my camera, which was a fun interaction to view. The camera doesn’t scare fish away, which is an excellent feature.

Some anglers have mentioned that if the water is full of particles, it is best not to turn on the night vision lights under challenging nighttime conditions. It can light up these particles and wash out the image quality, obstructing your view.

When using the infrared lights, please note that the image will turn black and white.

This portable ice fishing camera performs best in clear, less cloudy waters, as found underneath the ice.

The removable sun-visor can be used as required and attaches and detaches easily.

The battery is a workhorse that will give you 8 hours of battery life per fishing session at a minimum.

The cable length is long enough for most fishing requirements. If you prefer longer cable options, there are 98 feet and 164 feet options that cost a little more:

  • 98 Feet Cable: Eyoyo Portable 7″ LCD 1000 TVL Fishing Camera
  • 164 Feet Cable: Eyoyo Portable 7″ LCD 1000 TVL Fishing Camera

I would personally recommend these well-priced ice fishing cameras to all of my fishing buddies without a hint of hesitation.

Most Handy Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

Moocor performs exceptionally well underwater, especially when fishing at night with the 3 infrared night vision lights. It does not turn the picture quality all blurry like other ice fishing cameras.

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The Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera is a handy friend to have by your side when doing some ice fishing, catching trout in a lake or fishing from a kayak. Seeing if fish are close to biting on your bait and hook is made easier with a fishing camera that supports up to 4 x digital zoom.

Specifications of the Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera:

  • 4.3” LCD Monitor
  • HD Screen
  • 4 x Digital Zoom
  • Backlight LED Lights
  • 49 Feet Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Cold, Anti-Tensile Bulletproof Wires
  • 5000mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 High-Brightness Infrared LED Lights
  • 130° Camera Angle Open View

The lithium-polymer battery lasts between 8-10 hours, giving you ample battery life to fish. You can charge it with a 5V USB cable or a portable power bank when going outdoors.

On-screen, you are alerted of low-battery power. The portable LCD monitor is equipped with a sun-visor.

The display comes with the following key features: high-fidelity video output, function control IR light on/off, and 4 x digital zoom options that make all the fish appear larger (a fantastic function to have in your fishing arsenal.)

The camera is equipped with 1000 TVL HD and dark water LED lights which can produce low-level lighting of 0.001 LUX in pitch black surroundings.

The 130° camera angle provides you with open underwater viewing of the situation underneath the ice.

The fins on the camera help with stability and have vertical and horizontal viewing, and the camera cable is super strong in design to withstand up to 90 pounds of weight.

The clarity of the imaging is what stands out for me, as you can tune the contrast and enhance the size of the image.

Jack of All Trades Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

If you want to up your ice fishing game, equip yourself with the Aqua-Vu Micro 5.0 Revolution Pro and experience a performance-enhancing underwater fishing gear.

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In sports, they say that the better the equipment, the better you can play.

Specifications of the Aqua-Vu Micro 5.0 Revolution Pro:

  • 5” LCD Screen
  • High-Resolution Display
  • Waterproof Screen
  • 60’ Cable Length
  • Revolution Camera Reel System
  • Removable Fin & Camera Position Clips (ice and open water fishing capability)
  • Depth Markers On Camera Cable (1-foot increments)
  • Battery Percentage Indicator
  • Adjustable Infrared Lighting
  • Sunshield Screen Protector
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Maybe you experienced some hassle with your previous underwater camera reeling system, with some entanglement issues here and there. Bin those memories because it won’t happen again with the 5.0 Revolution Pro fishing camera.

All thanks to a patent-pending (Patent# D832084) Integrated Revolution Camera Reel System (60′), it makes deployment and retrieval of a kayak fish finder an absolute joy. You can spend your time on the essential things now like locating fishing hotspots!

The LCD high-resolution 5″ screen size is nice and bright and allows for video recording. The screen will also show you how much battery life remains.

Add the on-screen digital water temperature display and camera direction indicator, and you are geared for success.

The camera is a jack-of-all-trades and can be used for ice fishing, boat fishing, dock fishing, or when fishing in warm or cold weather.

Like all good ice fishing cameras, it comes fitted with a screen protector and adjustable infrared lighting options. Added to the design are depth indicators that keep you in the know of how deep is your camera underwater.

A rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery powers the camera, typically with a battery life of 5 to 7 hours in extreme conditions.

The depth markers on the camera cable are also helpful when mapping out the layout of your favorite fishing spots.

Most Expensive Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

The MarCum Recon 5 Plus comes complete with most, if not all, of the required bells and whistles of the best underwater ice fishing camera.

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The Marcum Recon 5 Plus is a tad more expensive underwater viewing system than the others mentioned in the article, so let’s see what you get when paying a little extra. Most ice fishing enthusiasts rave about the temperature, depth, and camera direction on-screen displays.

Specifications of the MarCum Recon 5 Plus Underwater Viewing System: 

  • 5” Widescreen Flat Panel
  • High-Resolution Color LCD
  • 800 x 480 Pixels
  • CMOS Camera Sensor with 110° Field Of View
  • LED Lights (Dark Water & Infrared Lighting)
  • Built-In DVR
  • Sun Shield
  • Screen Protector
  • External SD Card (32 GB)
  • Adjustable Features
  • Internal Lithium Battery
  • 50’ Camera Cable
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Switchable Color Features

The unit is housed in a deluxe padded red soft pack within a camera storage pack, and the 5″ screen is protected by a multi-purpose sunscreen/shield protector.

The camera can operate in color or black and white, whichever works best in the water conditions you are fishing in.

Adjusting the brightness, sharpness, and contrast can be done with a few button touches and is a great help in getting the best image quality down below.

The built-in DVR allows for video recording and capturing screenshots of the activity below. You can also use the playback and delete options of the video camera to ensure you will only keep relevant footage.

Add to that the fact that you can insert an external Micro SD card of 32 GB and you have the capacity for hours’ worth of footage.

The Marcum underwater fishing camera features the usual LED lights setup. However, I found that when I use the infrared option in low-lighting conditions, it works like a charm (not scaring the fish away but rather attracting them.)

The on-screen displays include the following:

  • Battery Display
  • Water Temperature
  • Depth of Camera
  • Camera Direction

These on-screen displays can be set to show metric units, which I liked. The ¼”- 20 inserts and removable camera positioning clip allows for three main mounting options:

  • Horizontal
  • Straight Down
  • Looking Up

The MarCum Recon 5 Plus is a well-designed fishing camera system that will assist you greatly when out on the ice enjoying some fishing. The Marcum may be priced a little higher than most cameras on the list, but it is money well spent in my opinion.

Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing to Use at Night

Eyoyo 9" is a fantastic underwater ice fishing camera, and I do not doubt that ice fishermen will love this product like I have.

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The Eyoyo underwater fishing camera range has recently been upgraded from a 7″ to a 9″ screen size, making viewing just a little bit better and more realistic when compared to the excellent 7″ LCD monitor.

Specifications of the Eyoyo Portable 9” Monitor Fish Finder 1000 TVL:

  • 9” LCD Screen
  • Camera Pixel: 1000 TVL
  • High-Resolution Color Display
  • Waterproof – IP68 Design
  • 98’ Camera Cable
  • Viewing Distance: 0 – 10 Feet
  • 12-Piece Night Vision Infrared Lights
  • 4500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

The TFT color monitor comes fitted with a sun-visor, ideal for fishing in bright environments like when the sun is out while ice fishing.

The image on the large widescreen monitor will turn black and white when you turn the infrared lights on, which makes the fish more visible in testy environments.

The 1000 TVL camera (programmed chipped) is paired with 12 pieces of infrared lights, ensuring that you get to see more fish when the water is dark.

The high-definition images are a treat to watch, especially the night vision capabilities while ice fishing in cloudy waters.

The underwater ice fishing camera (silver in color) is designed to mimic the shape of a fish so as not to scare them away but rather to attract them.

The almost 100-foot cable length ensures that you can reach most areas comfortably, and the HD camera is super-easy to operate.

Included is an 8GB TF card that allows you to record videos of your favorite underwater fishing landscapes. It can help you understand better the layout of the land below the ice without fear of running out of recording space.

The system runs on a powerful 4500mAH rechargeable battery, allowing 6-8 hours of battery life.

A rechargeable battery cell box is included in the package.

The product is encased in a durable waterproof carrying case that allows stress-free transportation.

Most Compact Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

The smartphone-sized fishing camera fits in your palm. But don't let the tiny size mislead you into thinking that it is less effective than a bulkier underwater ice fishing camera.

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I just had to include the Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth 4.3 Underwater Camera as it’s such a fun and compact underwater camera to play with when out on the ice. It is also less expensive than its big brother, the Aqua-Vu Micro Revolution Pro, but offers similar camera quality at a lesser price.

Specifications of the Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth 4.3 Underwater Camera:

  • 4.3” High-Resolution LCD Screen
  • Full-Color Micro Camera
  • Automatic Infrared Lighting
  • Super Wide 135° Field Of View
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

The thumb-sized full-color micro camera does its job with amazing clarity when viewed on the high-resolution 4.3″ LCD screen.

The ruggedized cable is 50 feet long and features depth markings to indicate how far your camera is underwater.

The unit features an adjustable clip and fin system for fishing in different fishing environments (ice and open water) and comes with automatic infrared lights.

Some anglers complain that the infrared lights are automatic and can’t be controlled manually. When there are many particles in the water, the infrared lights reflect heavily on them, limiting the visibility of some fishers.

Other ice fishermen rave about the clear visibility of the images in murky water and that the automatic infrared lights work well when fishing at night.

I have found the fishing camera to work as advertised. Sometimes conditions won’t be favorable for picture clear clarity, no matter the fishing cameras you are using.

What I like about this camera is that it can connect to another video display and that I can charge it via a USB cable or wall charger.

You will be getting a lot more for your money from this fishing camera when compared to similarly priced underwater cameras for its features.

Multifunctional Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

The GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera is a wireless camera that records underwater activity with excellent camera resolution.

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The video camera is attached along the length of the fishing line, with an additional line secured to the camera and lure.

Specifications of the GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera:

  • Full HD Video
  • Resolution 1080P – 60/30 FPS or 720P – 60 FPS
  • Water Weight: 2.2 OZ
  • Length: 4”
  • Diameter: 1.1”
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Recording Time: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
  • Depth: 500’
  • Tension Strength: 1000 Pounds
  • Green Night Vision LED Light
  • Stabilizing Fins

The cylinder-shaped camera is easy to attach to your fishing rig, while the ice fishing camera’s shape makes for steady recording.

The camera works with a mobile app and while you can’t livestream, you can use the app to edit and share your fishing adventures on social media.

The images it records can be streamed to your smartphone if required (the camera’s rear needs to be out of the water.)

The videos are stored directly on a micro-SD card, which you can edit later and upload to your media platforms.

The GoFish is an excellent trolling camera, but ice anglers are also using it with great success.

Bottom fishing and bobbing are no problem for this multifunctional camera and when used at night, the green LED attracts fish to the camera which means more fishing opportunities.

A thing to mention regarding the GoFish battery is that it doesn’t last long, a mere 2.5 hours of battery life if you are lucky.

You do get incredible recording capabilities in that 2.5 hours, and if social media placement is just as important to you as the actual fishing, then this is the best ice fishing camera for you.

The battery is not interchangeable as it is built into the camera. Charging the battery can be done via the USB charger cord included in the package.

Part of its design is a micro-USB port for charging and data transfer. You can read the data directly off the micro-SD with the correct adaptor.

Battery performance aside, the GoFish is more of a recorder than an actual monitoring camera. That being said, it does offer you the best underwater fishing clips of the spot you are fishing in and can be a beneficial friend for the 2+ hours that it’s alive.

Best Budget Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

The Aukfa Portable Underwater Camera is another affordable and efficient ice fishing camera on the list.

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First off, it comes in a very durable carrying case which makes transporting the fish finder stress-free.

Specifics of the Aukfa Portable Underwater Camera:

  • 7” Color TFT LCD Screen
  • High-Definition Display
  • Removeable Sun-Visor
  • 49’ Camera Cable
  • 12-Piece Infrared LED Lights
  • 4500mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

The camera resolution that this model provides is very crisp and clear. Other key features that I liked were the temperature and depth displays on the monitor.

Fishing on sunny days is made more accessible with the inclusion of the removable sun-visor.

The use of the 12-piece infrared LED lights is up to your discretion. Nighttime fishing and casting in murky dark waters is the time to use them, as they help with visibility.

The HD camera incorporates 1000 TVL. It offers an expansive view of 130°, which I found helpful when exploring my chosen fishing holes.

The battery life lasted for about 8 hours per trip, which is on par with the industry standard.

An ice angler looking for a cheaper alternative will be pleasantly surprised with regard to the functionality of this unit.

Best Underwater Camera for Different Fishing Methods and Venues

The underwater fishing camera can be used for different fishing methods and venues – ice fishing, boat fishing, open water fishing, and fishing from a kayak.

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Any fisherman can use the Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera whether first-timers or more experienced old-timers.

Specifics of the Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera:

  • 4.3” TFT Screen
  • High-Resolution
  • 65.6’ Camera Cable
  • 16 GB TF Card – Max 32 GB
  • Maximum Bearing Tension: 44 LB.
  • Low-Level Illumination: 0.1 Lux
  • Adjustable Sun-Visor
  • 4 Infrared LED Lights

The ice fishing camera has three options that you can use: camera, video, and file browsing. Switching between these functions is done via menu buttons on the color monitor.

The sun-visor is adjustable, ensuring that the sun doesn’t get in the way of your fishing.

The infrared LED lights help when fishing murky and dark waters as the light do not scare the fish away.

The camera operates at a 120° angle and can be used horizontally and vertically.

Its purchase comes with a free rod bracket which is a nice touch.

The 4000mAh battery lasts up to 6 hours and recharges in an estimated 7 hours.

The TF technology can feel a little bit outdated. Yet the camera does what the best ice fishing camera is supposed to do; put you on the fish!

How to Choose the Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

You might think that most ice fishing cameras will do just fine when it comes to fishing on frozen lakes. Think again.

Unless you have an innovative fishing camera system with a dedicated app that allows you to control it via smartphone, then it’s a no.

The best camera when ice fishing is equipped with a color LCD monitor screen with dark water LED lighting.

Add a cable fixed to the camera (which you can manually extract and expand via a spool – similar to a line of a fishing rod) and you can further monitor the underwater world.

The essential function of underwater ice fishing cameras is to provide you with real-time, clear, and high resolution images.

The feedback should help you with all aspects of ice fishing, ultimately increasing the number of crappies you catch.


The most obvious advantage of using the best underwater fishing camera when ice fishing is that you get a clear indication of any life beneath your fishing hole.

My favorite thing about using these cameras is watching how the fish behave and looking for indicators of whether they will go for my bait and lure setup.

Altering my fishing setup to ultimately catch them while recording our game of cat and mouse and sharing it with the ice fishing community is a fun experience.

The best fishing camera has helped me step up my ice fishing game, and long may it continue.

The following underwater fishing cameras won’t just be the most expensive ones on the market, but the best-rated ones with regards to functionality, price, and quality of the equipment.

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