Fishing Tactics & Skills

How To Make A Fish Trap
In this article we will tell you how to make a fish trap, so that you can survivor in the wilderness or have a good business as a fish farmer.
What is Drift Fishing? Learn How To Drift Fish!
In this article we'll answer the question "What is drift fishing?" and describe how you can drift fish to catch all sorts of different types of fish.
Fly Fishing for Pike During The Spawn
Many fishermen go fly fishing for pike during the spawn. This guide will teach you a Pike's habits, the right Pike rod, lead, bait and other tips.
How to Catch River Catfish: Best Rigs, Jigs, Tactics [2023]
Hooking a river catfish can be a thrill if you know what you're doing. Read our guide for how to catch river catfish, including rigs, jigs and catch tactics.
How to Catch Bream (Bluegill & Sunfish)
Not sure how to catch bream fish? This guide will help take your bream fishing to the next level by describing different bream fishing techniques and tackle.
Pier Fishing Tips – A Guide to Gear & Fishing Etiquette
Pier fishing is a fun activity for the whole family. Figuring out exactly how to fish on the pier is essential to a good time, as is understanding the etiquette.
How to Catch Trout in a Lake: A Beginner’s Guide
Catching trout in a lake is difficult. This guide will teach you how to catch trout in a lake if you've never done it before - including bait, tackle, and technique.
Best Surf Fishing Rigs: Basic, Fish Finder, Hi-Lo, Breakaway
Surf fishing is a delicate art and requires certain types of rigs. This guide will describe how to put together some of the more effective surf fishing rigs.
How to Fish Crappie – Crappie Fishing Guide
Fishing crappie requires a specific type of bait, tackle, equipment and technique. This guide will help tech how to best fish crappie from start to finish.
Carp Fishing Tips – Best Carp Fishing Gear & Methods
Carp fishing has its own nuances. This guide will teach about different carp fishing techniques as well as the best carp fishing bait, tackle and gear.