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Fish scales can be quite an assisting tool when you catch a fish out of water. The journey of buying the best fishing scale is not as easy as it seems if you are looking for the right kind of product with specific capabilities. They come in various sizes and features! There is a standard version of a simple fishing scale that tells you the exact weight of your catch.

Apart from that, more advanced fishing scales and sophisticated tools come with integrated scales for making your investment worth it. For instance, few landing tools or landing nets have an attached scale for combined perks. I am putting up this guide to ensure that you get complete information on the best fishing scales available in the market.

This guide will help you explore the top shortlisted fishing scales and a helpful buying guide to help you pick one of these best options. Keep up with the article till the end, and you will have an adequate amount of knowledge on picking this fishing accessory.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Fishing Scales

After rigorous surveys and practical experiences, I have listed the 5 best fishing scale products with the features and capabilities you need to escalate your fishing experience positively. The products are:

Best Versatile Fishing Scale

If you are willing to own a versatile scale that should last for a long time, then Boga Grip is the most renowned brand you will hear about.

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The best thing about this product is that the landing aid of this tool is magnificent, especially when you are fishing for fish with shaper teeth.

The Boga Grip 315 15 lb fishing scale is made in the USA. For those who don’t know, it’s a versatile fishing scale made of stainless steel; that is why it is quite sturdy and can handle fish up to 15lbs. Depending on your needs, you can upgrade your fish scale to measure a Boga Grip of 30lbs and 60lbs. The 15lbs version is mentioned here by considering the fishing passion of beginners.

In this tool, the weight of fish is observed by reading the specific point where the scale has been pulled. The embossed scale will be pulled towards the inside of the grip tubing. After the weight has been measured, one can release the fish by pulling back the trigger.

The fisherman will hold on to the grip sleeve and then use the thumb or index finger to pull back the trigger sleeve. Hence, this will cause the jaws to open. This tool by Boga Grip promotes catch & release fishing purposes. This tool will land the fish, handle it and weigh it quickly to let you release the fish in water again.

Being one of the best brands for fishing accessories, Boga Grip will not cost you peanuts and is quite expensive. You should go with this product, only if you are serious about fishing. If it is just a periodic hobby on outings and occasions, you should consider cheaper options. But, in terms of versatility, there is no match for Boga Grip!

What We Like
- It can weigh fish up to 15 pounds.
- It promotes catch & release fishing.
- It is suitable for handling fish even in cold weather.
Know Before Buying
- It was a bit expensive.

Best Digital Fishing Scale

Many beginners out there intend to start their fishing careers by participating in tournaments. If that is the case, then the Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale is the best accessible product concerning the tournament scene. It gets the job done quickly!

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The screen of this digital fish scale needs a bit of force for operating with it. There are a few built-in functions that need your time for learning and using them optimally. It will be a learning curve for you if you get into fishing tournaments for the first time.

It comes with an 8 piece culling system and has three weight display options. This product comes with a water-resistant property, a prominent feature to protect the equipment from water damage during fishing. It is a low-cost scale ideal for tournaments.

Upon the first appeal, you might feel like the spring clip clamp is not durable enough to hold the fish. But with practice tests and surveys, it is proven that it has the durability to prevent the fish from flopping off. Apart from that, this clamp is also vital in holding the fish with the maximum weight capacity.

This digital fish scale also tests accuracy, and 9 out of 10 times, it has given the spot-on readings! Hence, this makes it an ideal pick for beginners and experts for tournament purposes. If you are passionate about winning fishing tournaments, you will just be fine with this product.

One drawback to this product is that you cannot trust its temperature sensor as it can be faulty sometimes. The sun will eventually make the sensor go out of range, and give faulty and non-accurate temperature readings. You can make the digital scale undergo calibration before the tournament to ensure that it gives you the exact weight of the trophy fishes you catch.

What We Like
- It comes with an LCD backlight.
- It has a stainless steel hook.
- It has a large digital touch-screen panel.
- It is affordable.
Know Before Buying
- You cannot trust the temperature sensor in hot climates.

Best Overall Fishing Scale

The Dr.Meter LCD Display Hook Scale is quite simple in terms of design, but it has the potential to give you all the necessary features you need for confirming the weight of your big catch.

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This device comes with a multi-directional weighing hook and a measuring tape. It allows you to record your catches of up to 50 kg or 110 pounds.

This device comes with a big LCD-oriented display for precise measurements and is backlit to help you use it in low-light conditions. It has a sizable hook-storage cutout that offers a compact shape when the scale is being stored or transported. It is a budget-friendly fishing scale and comes with a versatile electronic balance.

Its design intends to offer various uses, including measuring weight for luggage, packages, and posts. There is a functionality to help you change the display unit of weight from pounds to kg and vice versa in just one touch. It also comes with a handy measurement tape to determine the length and size of the fish you just caught.

The oversized hook of this device is made up of premium quality stainless steel. Suppose you are tight on budget but are willing to get a fishing scale that can serve most of your purposes, go for Dr.Meter LCD Display Hook Scale. The drawback for this product is that it might not be durable enough compared to all of the other products on this list. But, with proper maintained use, you can expect it to last for a long time.

What We Like
- The pricing catches the attention of fishermen and fisherwomen.
- The use of it is pretty versatile.
- A large LCD, for giving out all sorts of the necessary information.
- The package comes with batteries.
- Backlighting for use in low-light conditions.
Know Before Buying
- It doesn’t have a sturdy or gripping handle.
- The functions are limited to professionals.

Best Fishing Scale for Live Release

Most individuals have a prime concern for getting the fish back into the water within a short period. In that case, you need a relevant fish scale that can help you obtain the needful insight in a short time. Berkley Digital Fish Scale is what you need for the same!

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This scale comes with a large fish clamp that can hold the fish in a non-intrusive manner for weighing it accurately.

Apart from the clamp, you also have a 48-inch tape measure in it that will allow you to quickly measure the fish’s length while it clamps to the device. You can do it all in a matter of seconds, conditioning you to know how to use the device. You can get the fish back into the water to let it live a good life again in a concise time window.

Moreover, this digital fish scale can weigh fish of up to 50 pounds and has a memory space for recording 10 different weights at a time. It is a compact device and is very light in weight. It comes with easy-grip sides and top handles for you when your hands are wet. The TARE feature of this fishing scale promotes you to list the combined weight of multiple fishes.

The device by Berkley makes use of a non-puncturing grip instead of a hook. This preference was to ensure that when you clamp the fish to this device, you do not hurt the creature and safely release it back to the waters. The water-resistance property is a must for all digital scales, and Berkley hasn’t missed out on it as well. It comes to you at reasonable pricing, which is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

What We Like
- It is a trustable brand.
- It has an aluminum construction.
- The device is light in weight and is compact.
Know Before Buying
- The tape measure is not durable and might fall off the setting.

Best Floaty Pick Fishing Scale

You can experience unavoidable accidents while you are out fishing. And the worst thing that could happen to you is to lose the fish you just caught, along with the digital scale. Therefore, KastKing Digital Fishing Scale has the floating feature embedded in it. The device is bright orange and is easier to spot for an added benefit.

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Water-resistance is the feature that is a must for a float-embedded digital fishing scale. As per the functions, this scale effortlessly switches between kilograms and pounds. It can store 9 weights at one time. The gripped embedded in this device is a no-puncture and floating lip type, which is friendly to the fish while weighing and measuring them.

The weighing capacity of this scale is up to 50lbs and has a lightweight ABS frame to make it floatable. The handle is non-slip, making it more secure to prevent it from falling off your hands. A large split ring is available with this device for attaching it to the lanyard. You do not have to get into so much practice and learn to use this device.

The hook of this device is made up of stainless steel and offers a 360-degree swivel, which has many other functionalities for both beginners and experts.

What We Like
- It comes with non-slip grips and a handle.
- You get batteries with the order.
- The LCD is easy-to-read.
- It has a memory function to store up to 9 weight readings at once.
- Backlighting is available for use in low-light conditions.
Know Before Buying
- As floatable, it should be more waterproof than water-resistant. But, it is not the case!

Buyer’s Guide

Before catching the largest fish, every fisherman and fisherwoman must consider some considerations. They need the right tools and expertise to get done with that job. A fishing scale is a crucial tool or accessory that can help you weigh and measure your fish accurately to secure your big catch.

But before you pick one from the list above, it is essential to know the factors. Without understanding its factors and features, you might buy an expensive fishing scale that is too cheap quality. So before considering buying fishing scales, consider the features mentioned below:

#1 Digital vs. Mechanical

You need to make your choice between the digital and mechanical scales. Most of the products mentioned above are digital scales because they follow the trend. It is entirely a personal preference and is highly in demand because it gives precise measurements that are easy to understand. Yes, they need power through batteries, which is not a big deal.

But, some people who want to save their expenses on batteries prefer to go for mechanical ones. Therefore, this factor is ultimately a preference!

#2 Clamp or Hook

It is one of the significant factors that differentiate a device’s efficacy. It states the hanging method for fish over the device. Some of the devices come with a hook, while some have clamps. But there are a few of the scales that feature both of them. It is upon your choice to decide how to hang your fish. There are different types of no-puncture clamps or safe hooks to prevent any fish harm.

If your purpose is to catch and release the fish, then go for a clamp that causes no puncture or harm to the fish. Moreover, look for hooks or clasps that are easy to use and are not that troublesome for beginners to understand.

#3 Weight Limit

You need to check on this factor on priority to know how much weight the device can measure. For instance, if you are going for a device with a maximum weighing capacity of 50 pounds and about to catch a big carp of up to 110 pounds, you won’t get accurate readings. Therefore, consider the fish you intend to catch and the location of your fishing spot to decide what weight limit you might need with your scale.

#4 Waterproofing

Imagine buying a device that’s meant to stay in water for the longest time. If your fishing scale isn’t waterproof, it will get destroyed in seconds. And if your fish-scale malfunctions, you cannot proceed further with your fishing. As you are working around the water environments, it becomes essential to get a highly water-resistant device or be better, completely waterproof. Check for the ratings on the water-friendly rating of the devices you shortlisted, and then count on making the purchase.

Carp fishing. lucky fisherman holding a big common carp


Do you need a scale when fishing?

Not all anglers or fishers prefer to invest money in buying digital scales with high functionalities. But some beginners and professionals with the budget on advancing their fishing skills prefer to get digital scales with larger readouts and TARE function. It is to get the accurate weight of the fish that they just caught, for competition or record sake.

Are fish scales accurate?

Most of the fish scale brands have worked upon determining the accuracy of their measurements. All of the products listed in this guide have been tested for accuracy and are ideal for a pick.


So, these are the best fishing scale products out there on the online market! The reviews were put up after in-depth comparison and analysis with all of the other reliable options on the internet. Now, keep in mind the essential factors and choose the best fishing scale for your assistance in the job.

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