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It is surprising how many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on fishing tackle (see also if wholesale fishing tackle is worth it), and then not look after it properly. How many fishermen have you seen lugging naked rods to and from the bank/boat without any form of protection at all? A fishing rod is very powerful when playing a fish, but outside of that small window of usage, it is a very fragile thing. Always use some type of fishing rod case or carryall when moving your expensive rods.

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Best Fishing Rod Cases for Fly Fishermen

We have started with fly fishermen for a reason, as they are usually the guiltiest of carrying naked rods (see the best fishing rod case here). Fly fishing is a traditional form of fishing with a long heritage. Back in the day, fly fishermen carried their rods naked because modern, lightweight materials were not available, and fly fishermen are very mobile. These days there is no excuse for not taking care of that expensive fishing rod.

BW Sports Dual 2-Piece Fly Rod and Reel Case

fish-rod-case_01For under $55, which is less than most fly fishermen would spend to replace their backing and leader, you get a lightweight, rugged and attractive fishing rod case that will also protect your fly reel.

Not just one rod, but two. Seriously, why are you carrying a naked fly rod when you can buy something like this? It just doesn’t make sense.

Allen Company Thunder River Fly Rod Case

fish-rod-case_02If our first selection was too heavy (it does carry two rods after all), or too expensive, then check out the . At a little over $25, this should be a no brainer for every fly fisherman. The bare minimum fishing rod case to protect their valuable fly rods.

The perfect solution for carrying and protecting your prized fly rod combo. The rigid tube protects the rod and guides, while the padded and lined reel compartment will protect your reel. The clear I.D. window allows you to put your name tag on the case easily.

Fly Fishing Rod Cases

Here are more recommendations for fly fishing rod cases.

Lixada Fishing Rod Bag

Your fly fishing rod will surely be safe with this hard rod tube with a padded reel case.

Clear Creek Portable Fly Fishing Dual Rod & Carrying Case

Keep your fly fishing rod case safe when traveling with this dual rod case.

Clear Creek Portable Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Case 9’

This fly fishing rod case is made from premium materials with a lifetime warranty.

Other Recommended Fly Fishing Rod Cases

Best Fishing Rod Cases for Freshwater Fishermen

Over the last few years, things have changed in the way that many freshwater fisherman want to carry their fishing tackle. Previously, they would carry their rods, reels and terminal tackle all broken down. When arriving at their fishing spot, they would take their rod out, put it together, attach the reel, run the line through the rod eyes then attach their terminal tackler. These days, they seem to prefer to leave everything set up, and carry everything to the bank all ready to go. So fishing rod cases have changed as well.

BW Sports Dual 2-Piece Rod and Reel Case

fish-rod-case_03A good example of this is this. This is a rod case that has been designed to carry two fully made up rods, with reels in place. The reels have their own snug, expanded compartment at the lower end of the rod case. This is actually a great little rod carrier, if you only want to carry two rods.

BW Sports provides incredible value and quality in their rod case line. One additional zipper pocket is provided on all rod cases and easy opening zipper flaps on the Dual Rod Cases. All rod cases come with padded shoulder straps, web handles, padded reel sections and internal nylon socks. Saltwater Designed.

Fishing Rod Case Organizer

fish-rod-case_04By the way, how many rods do you take fishing? If you want to carry more than two rods, you need something a little bigger. But how do you fit many rods inside one case? That answer is, you don’t. You fit them on the outside, just like what this rod does. This is a rod bag that can carry up to 5 rods, already made up. Although it should be noted that it doesn’t offer as much protection as rod cases that store the rods internally.

It securely fastened with double straps at top of bag and features a quick fastener strap around the outside center that secures gear during transport. nterior compartment has plenty of room to store equipment, extra reels, tackle and more.

Waterproof Double-Layer Camo Fishing Rod Carrier

fish-rod-case_08Possibly the best option, is something of an all-round rod case, which can carry a number of different rods, already made up, as well as other items such as bank sticks and fishing umbrella. This is a carryall that is light, but is able to carry a lot of fishing tackle. And at less than $20 it is an absolute bargain for sure. This will carry multiple rods and you can even throw a telescopic rod in there (though I guess you could put one of those just about anywhere).

If you really only want some very basic protection for a single rod, then you just can’t beat the stark functionality of the Plano Fabric Rod Tube. It has plenty of padding so it’s actually a pretty good rod case for providing protection. Then again, it’s not waterproof, but that’s not really such a terrible thing at the end of the day.

Freshwater Rod Cases

Here are other freshwater rod case suggestions for your next fishing adventure.

Lixada Fishing Rod Case 3 Layers

This freshwater rod case is from premium oxford cloth that can resist moisture, scratches, and tears.

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Case Organizer

With this freshwater rod case, you can safely put five rods and reels outside and more accessories inside the bag.

Winkeyes Fishing Tackle Bag Holder

This freshwater rod case or bag can store up to four rods.

Other Recommended Freshwater Rod Cases

Best Fishing Rod Cases for Extreme Protection

Each fishing rod case we have looked at so far, has been a soft case. For extreme protection, of expensive rods, we need to move up to hard cases. Obviously, these are much more expensive, but you have to ask yourself, is it really worth scrimping on the protection for you $500 rod?

Flambeau Outdoors 5560 Rod Tube

fish-rod-case_06First, we are going to take a look at two hard rod cases from Flambeau. The slim line, telescopic tube, for freshwater rods. It is also very suitable as a general storage tube for rods, rather than leaving them loose in the garage! It is very strong, and made to high standards, as we would expect from a rod tube that costs almost $25.

For sea fishermen, or freshwater fishermen who use rods with very large line guides, we need to move up a notch to the Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Rod Case. This is a fully telescopic rod case that opens up to a maximum of 102’, which means that for most people, they can carry their rods in one piece. It is also completely padded inside, so it offers protection not only from shocks, but also from rods rattling around in carriage.

Frabill Ice Heavy Duty Rod Case

fish-rod-case_07Finally, something a little special for our last rod case selection. This is a full flight case style carrier, that is able to take two of your best travel fishing rods, as well as reels. It is not long enough to carry each rod in one piece, they will need to be broken down to get them in. But if you are serious about protecting your valuable fishing tackle, this is the way to go. It’s as close to bulletproof as it gets.

It is completely waterproof, and is also lockable. It is lined with multiple layers of high density foam, which will stop fishing tackle rattling around in transit. For sea anglers, who have to carry their expensive rods and reels on to and off of boats regularly, then this is really the recommended way to carry them. As a fishing rod case, this is as good as it gets. Incredibly strong, totally weatherproof and also extremely secure.

Fishing Rod Cases for Extreme Protection

We have more options here for fishing rods that need extreme protection.

Flying Fisherman Passport Travel Rod Case

This fishing rod case is ideal for flying or traveling anglers.

Frabill Rod Case

This fishing rod case is durable an can hold up to eight combo rod and reels.

Other Recommended Fishing Rod Cases for Extreme Protection
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