How To Catch Buffalo Fish

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Buffalo fish are some of the most sought-after game fish in North America. They are often called “water buffaloes” because of their size and strength, but they can be tricky to catch. Here’s how you catch a buffalo fish.

If you don’t know the difference between a buffalo fish and a carp, here’s your chance to know by reading this article.

Where To Find Buffalo Fish

Buffalo fish are a large species of freshwater fish that can be found in many different parts of North America. They grow to an average length of about two feet and weigh up to ten pounds. People hunt buffalo fish for sport, but they’re also caught by accident when anglers mistake them for larger game such as pike (see also best time of the day for northern pike fishing) or muskellunge.

Equipment Needed To Catch Buffalo Fish

To catch a buffalo fish, you’ll need some basic equipment and lures that mimic the prey they eat in nature. You can use either live bait such as maggots or artificial lures like fake bread for this purpose, although most people prefer to go with artificial because it’s cleaner and easier to handle. A simple bobber rig is an effective way of catching buffalo fish, but you can also use other kinds of live or artificial bait.

Tips To Find Buffalo Fish

Most people try to catch buffalo fish during the summer months when they are more active and accessible. They tend to spawn in the late spring so it’s best not to disturb them at this time if possible. When fishing for buffalo trout, it helps to find deep pools or areas with a good current. You can use your electronics to help locate these spots, but be careful not to spook the fish.

Buffalo Fishing Techniques

Once you’ve found a good spot, it’s time to start fishing. Use a light tackle setup and cast your lure into the area where you think the buffalo fish are hiding. Let it settle to the bottom, then begin reeling it in very slowly. If you’ve done this correctly, a hungry buffalo fish will come over and swallow your hook!

Once you feel resistance on your line, set the hook hard by jerking back quickly with force, but don’t let yourself get pulled into the water if possible. Reel as fast as you can until the fish is about fifteen feet away from your boat, then begin reeling in again. Once it’s close enough to bring on board, use a net or gaffing hook to haul it over the edge of your boat.

Fly Fishing for Buffalo Fish

Buffalo fish are also popular with fly-fishermen because they put up an amazing fight. You can catch them by using a fly rod and large, heavy flies with barbed hooks to land the fish quickly and keep it from getting away.

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