How to Catch Carp – Stealth Casting with Sweet Corn Ned

Ned started fishing at a young age, as many boys from Pittsburgh tend to do. Now you couldn't say that Ned loved fishing anymore than other kids. No, not at all. The only things that really set Ned apart were his large frame, and his uncanny ability to catch Carp. As he grew, Ned's size (among other things) tended to get him in trouble. Luckily, his fishing reputation outweighed his infamy around town. If there was one thing people knew about Ned, it was that he knew how to catch Carp.

The Dubbing of “Sweet Corn” Ned

sweet-corn-nedDespite some of the difficulties Ned had growing up, he turned into a very sweet young man. Add to this his dull sense of humor, and he had the basis for a “sweet” nick name. I believe both these factors played a part, but what really did it was Ned's favorite choice of Carp bait. Although he tried to keep it a secret, it was common knowledge that his grammy's sweet corn recipe could coax a carp out of a gutter.
And so the intersection of Ned's temperament, sense of humor, and selection of fishing bait earned him the title “Sweet Corn”. At the same time, it was this very sweet corn that was the center of so much of his trouble. Now mind you, corn is not illegal to use for fishing in Pennsylvania. This being said, they don't like it much when you throw it out in the water to attract the Carp. This is called chumming. Ned would cover the water in sweet corn when he fished, which led to the start of his unwanted attention.

Ned's Amazingly Big and Quiet Body

I mentioned that he was a big ole boy. Standing at 6'6” and carrying 320 lbs, Ned was as clumsy as could be. Put him anywhere near a lake or pond, and the most surprising transformation would occur. Carp are fish that are easily spooked, and Ned knew this. You'd swear you were dreaming to see big Ned change from oaf to stealthy stalker when he targeted those Carp. He would sneak right up and float handfuls of sweet corn quiet as a cat. His rod and reel ready, Ned would cast his line so gentle hardly a ripple would wake. Then he would wait. As long as it took. After an hour he might move, only to repeat the whole process.

Ned's Cheap Gear


Ned was never much good with money. The interest that local law had taken in him likely added to his woes. His rod and reel reflected his spending capacity, though it never seemed to hinder his catching. Ned used a bait running reel, which I thought was interesting because corn doesn't run. His reel was attached to a telescopic rod that collapsed for easy carry. Ned never used rod holders or bite alarms. He said, “If you can't pay attention and hold your rod, you'll never get one anyway”.

“Sweet Corn” Ned with his Rod Holders and Bite Alarms!

The Legend of Ned's How to Catch Carp Fishing Guide

As the years went by, Ned's troubled past faded away. He settled down and had 4 daughters with a lovely wife. Ned often acted as a free fishing guide to troubled youngsters that he'd make a connection with. Ned is a legend in the hearts and minds of all fishermen, and should always be remembered as such. He fits right in with all that is good and pure in life. Even his troubles led him to a better place. And of course, Ned knew how to catch Carp.

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