Kayaks & Canoes

We know what floats your boat (as well as when to use a horribly timed pun). We have waded through the choices and produced the essential tips and tricks to maximize the fishing time out of the water while minimizing the negative surprises along the way.

The Best Fishing Kayak

So you are ready to join the ranks of fisherman who have discovered the total freedom that kayak fishing can offer them? Freedom to get to where the fish are without the headache of a full sized boat. Freedom to get out on the water, without the effort of lugging a full boat trailer behind…
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What is the Best Kayak Fish Finder?

One of the great things about fishing from a kayak, is that you are out in open water. You are free to go where the fish are, instead of trying to cast to them from the bank. The problem is though, how do you know where the fish are in the first place? Well, you…
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Improving your Fishing Kayak Setup

A common theme heard from Kayak Fisherman, is that until you are used to fishing from a kayak, and have spent some time finding out what works, and what doesn’t for your fishing kayak setup, it can be very awkward to actually get any quality fishing done. Fishing from a kayak means you have limited…
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Canoe Fishing Accessories

Once you have bought yourself a canoe for fishing, you are going to need some extra things before you take it out. So let’s have a look at some canoe fishing accessories that in some cases, can be considered must have pieces of gear for canoe fishermen. Safety Accessories for Canoe Fishing This is the…
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