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Deep Cycle on the Water: The Best Trolling Motor Battery

The old school guys that used to fish lakes and lagoons by way of the different waterborne craft will be the first to tell you how much trolling motors have changed the very face of vessel fishing. Bass fishermen, in particular, have taken to using these quiet, electric motors. They use them not only as…
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What is a Tope? – A Slender Shadow Passes in the Shallows

The Thrill of Catch and Release – What is a Tope? Boaters and fishermen that try their line around the coast of the British Isles and Ireland are long familiar with Tope. They often see these slender shadows, that are predatory sharks, swimming in sandy areas. Often hunting in very shallow water. Tope populations have…
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Best Bait for Perch – Plenty of Wiggle Room for Error

A Look at the Best Bait for Perch of Different Species When it comes to Perch fishing, we all have an image of the kind of perch that we fish for. The ones that are abundant in the areas we frequently fish. The thing is, there are so many kinds of Perch that we are…
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Best Bait for Rainbow Trout – A Mayfly on the Surface Water

Matching the Hatch – The Best Bait for Rainbow Trout The fluid motion of fly line sings above the river as it's pulled back and forth until gently, it lays down on the water. The dry fly at the end of the fly man's rod follows the perfect motion of the line, until it also…
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