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Here at Fishermen’s Angle we aim to make every fishing trip a memorable one. Whether it be a small tip or a whole new approach to a monstrous fishing challenge, we are here to help. Start below and see what gems of fishing knowledge you can uncover.

Fishing Topics

Baits & Lures

Learn the best way to catch certain fish by mixing up your lures and bait. Discover which bait works best with a variety of different fish when fishing in different locations and different water conditions.

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Fishing Accessories

We round up what to pack and wear on your next fishing trip as we know that sometimes it’s not only having the right gear for the expedition, but looking the part too. Follow us below for the latest and greatest fishing accessories.

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Fishing Guides

Don’t be stuck with old information or stale locations, impress your friends with your amazing depth of fishing knowledge and know-how on the next trip.

Fishing Guides »

Fishing On The Water

We know what floats your boat (as well as when to use a horribly timed pun). We have waded through the choices and produced the essential tips and tricks to maximize the fishing time out of the water while minimizing the negative surprises along the way.

Fishing On The Water »

Fishing Reels

Fly, centrepin, baitcasting, conventional, spinning, spincast, underspin, the list goes on. But which are the stand out performers and for what conditions should we bring which reel. We have you covered, see below.

Fishing Reels »

Fishing Rods

The modern fishing rod is a technological marvel. We investigate the factors differentiating the rods on the market, from their power, action, line weight, lure weight and number of pieces.

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Fishing Tactics & Skills

Learn something new! Our Tactics and Skills section will teach you lots of new techniques and strategies for catching different kinds of fish with different kinds of equipment, earning you more impressive catches.

Fishing Tactics & Skills »

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a fantasy winter activity and is like no other kind of fishing. Our ice fishing guides will help you figure out all of the gear, locations and techniques you need to know about in order to have a successful day out on the ice.

Ice Fishing »

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